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It’s the new moon and I’m in the limbo between jetlag and frustration as I face an extensive catalog of overdue projects after a month of travel.  I’m spinning my wheels, and I’m just shy of coherent, and I’m basically perturbed, and it’s physical.  And I can’t help feeling that I’ve been away too long, once again.  The vineyard is full of weeds, the chardonnay is flowering and we need to shoot thin and wire lift and just thinking about what’s required for the new trellising is confoundational.   I can’t even complete a single thought.

In an effort to ground myself, I bare my feet and head off across the land.  The peppermints are in bloom and the grasses are in full seed and there’s a heady breeze of blossom that’s practically hallucinogenic.  I see the waves of hoary tipped seed heads dipping in the wind and it looks like glistening frost and the peppies appear covered in snow and I’m a bit cold although it’s effectively summer.  The scent is calling to me and I will it to transport me somewhere and I step on something sharp and am immediately carried into a world of pain. My feet have lost all condition in one short month of shoe wearing travel.

The rain gusts in, and I’m shivering and thinking about returning to the shelter of the house and then I’m excoriating myself for weakness.  I shiver into it, haltingly easing my resistance and suddenly I see a gang of white tailed black cockatoos patrolling through the seeds.  They are feeding and walking along and now and then one lifts up and heads to the front of the pack and they are oblivious to me.  A mob of roos lope in and start to feed and I must be invisible cause I’m holding up my Iphone, videoing all of this and they are simply placid, newly domesticated, unruffled.  I am close enough to see the details of an earflick, a belly scratch, a mouthful of munched grass and then they are onto me and lope off in a great circle.

The rain has abated, sun ducking through silvery grey wisps, drifting elsewhere.  I notice that I’m no longer shivering and that the rough grass on my bare feet actually feels pleasurable, sensual, tonic.  A calm is on the land and I’m starting to return.