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With cool weather and potentially wet grapes, I scheduled the harvest a bit later than our customary sunrise pick, anticipating a possible need for things to dry out first. At sunrise patches of blue sparkled through the lifted cloud cover. Sure enough, the wind had dried things so thoroughly that it was as though the downpour had never occurred. What a relief! It was exhilarating to be out in the autumn morning with the light changing and clouds moving dramatically.

Our crew jumped to the tasks of preparing the vineyard in anticipation of the picking team, which would be arriving a bit later. The nets came off easily and my son headed off to pick what he could before leaving for school. The sky was opening now with drifts of clouds and the sun valiantly peeking through.

Soon everyone was bending to the task – literally, because our cordon is at a half-meter height, and the fruit was coming off quickly and easily. It was a lighthearted and celebratory time, with great energy going into the grapes on a lovely fall morning. We finished as the clouds broke apart completely and we could feel the sun. With great gratitude we ferried a most gorgeous collection of grapes up to the winery for the crush.